10 years of Digital Catapult

UK’s Digital Catapult bridges research to industry with AI, quantum computing, 5G, IoT, and more. Outgoing CEO Jeremy Silver reflects on past and future trends.

Figma Dev Mode: The inside story

Figma introduces Dev Mode to bridge the designer-developer gap. The goal: seamless collaboration in digital product development. In conversation with Figma’s Oscar Nilsson and Tom Duncalf.

Inside Leadership: Pam Maynard, CEO, Avanade

A daughter of Windrush and the “only black girl in the village”, Pam Maynard’s journey from the family’s London bedsit to award-winning CEO of Avanade is a lesson to anyone aspiring to lead.

Transforming Media

The media industry has altered dramatically, and fast. In a fully converged world populated by connected media devices limited in number only by individuals’ capacity to own them, the opportunity – and the threat – is enormous for media companies throughout the supply chain.

The future of work

AI and automation have finally come of age, and they’re changing everything. We sit down with prominent leaders from Bain & Company, Workato and Skan AI to investigate the past and discuss the future.

Decision intelligence

We welcome a panel of experts to chart the emergence of “decision intelligence”. How can data and AI better support business decision making?

NODE Podcast: Episode 28

This month, we welcome a panel of experts to discuss the convergence of the tech and gaming industries in the wake of Microsoft’s proposed $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Featuring Eva Rez from Edge Investments, Drake Star’s Michael Metzger and DataStax’s Patrick McFadin.

NODE Podcast: Episode 27

This month, the pod team welcomes a panel of industry experts to discuss the growth of cloud-native development and the challenges companies might have to confront when adopting this model.

Featuring Red Hat’s Erica Langhi, MongoDB’s Andrew Davidson and HeleCloud’s Detelina Vassileva.

Connecting Kazakhstan

Digital transformation is a fundamental piece in the growth plans of many Central Asian countries, including Kazakhstan.

The team at North Caspian Operating Company, the largest offshore oil and gas producer in the country, takes Digital Bulletin behind the scenes of its new innovative initiatives

Driving Western Union’s tech transformation

An undisputed leader in the global payments space, Western Union is driving a company-wide technology transformation, underpinned by migrating its infrastructure from on-prem to the cloud. Harveer Singh, Chief Data Architect & Global Head of Engineering, reveals how the initiative will give the organisation the speed and agility it needs to continue to thrive in the digital age.

NODE Podcast: Episode 26

This month, Ben, Rom and James tackle the topical subject of quantum computing. When we will see some practical use cases? Will it change the world? Can three journalists get their heads around the science?

Ben also interviews Faethm AI CEO Michael Priddis about the evolution of work.

LOTTE Wedel: The perfect marriage of tradition and modernity

E. Wedel is Poland’s most famous chocolate brand. Owned by LOTTE Wedel, this year marks its 170th anniversary. While celebrating an illustrious past, it’s also looking to the future.

We spoke to them about a digital transformation that has married its traditions with modernity and afforded them unprecedented growth.

Inside Mars’ digital transformation

Since embarking on a digital transformation four years ago, Mars has instilled a culture of user centric design and agile sprint delivery, leveraging Mars’ Digital Engine.

Praveen Moturu, VP, Chief Enterprise Architect, talks about its success stories, the importance of innovation and the value of continuous test and learn digital sprints

NODE Podcast: Episode 25

This month, Ben and James are joined by Dreamtek’s CEO Victoria Neeson.

They discuss the evolution of the video industry and video’s growing influence on our lives, while Victoria shares her experiences as a female leader in tech. Ben and James also review our case study on Western Union.

Running the networks of the future

5G is coming – and bringing with it an array of operational challenges for telecoms providers.

In this Digital Bulletin exclusive, leaders from Ericsson’s Business Area Managed Services tell us how this giant of the industry is bringing together the best of technology and people to equip its customers and meet the world’s extraordinary demand for connectivity.

NODE Podcast: Episode 24

This month, Ben and Rom are joined by Drata’s co-founder and CEO Adam Markowitz. They discuss Adam’s past career as a rocket scientist, Drata’s influence on the SaaS market, and the secrets to his entrepreneurial success. Ben and Rom also review our case study on Ericsson.

Bringing delight to design

Intuit is famed for its financial products but what people don’t often see is the meticulous skill and effort that go into designing these much-loved platforms.

Digital Bulletin speaks to key platers from one of the world’s most innovative design centres.

NODE Podcast: Episode 23

This month, Ben, Rom and James discuss Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions to grow Facebook into a “metaverse company”. Ben and James are then joined by Gus Machado, Intuit’s Design Director, who shares insights into the design thinking behind some of its hugely popular financial products.

The road to 4.0

What happens when digital transformation meets ice cream manufacturing? Digital Bulletin interviews key people from Unilever’s Caivano site to learn how the factory is embracing Industry 4.0.

NODE Podcast: Episode 22

This month, Ben, Rom and James pick up the pieces from the collapse of Project JEDI. The panel also reviews our Talon Outdoor case study, and Ben interviews Job van der Voort, CEO of Remote.

An Out of Home evolution

Talon Outdoor is bringing advertising’s oldest medium, Out of Home, into the 21st century. Digital Bulletin speaks to some of the company’s brightest minds tell us how it has embraced technology and data.

NODE Podcast: Episode 21

This month, Ben, Rom and James discuss how the world of sport is increasingly embracing technologies like cloud and AI. The panel also reviews our Salling Group case study, and Ben catches up with Bala Kumar, Chief Product Officer for Jumio.

Avanade is regarded amongst the top three ‘most loved workplaces’ by Newsweek. Pam Maynard took the helm of the tech giant in late 2019 and within weeks was tasked with navigating the company’s 60,000-strong workforce through the COVID-19 crisis and the upheaval following the death of George Floyd.

A daughter of Windrush and the “only black girl in the village”, Pam’s journey from London bedsit to award-winning technology leader is an inspiration to the industry’s next generation.


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