10 years of Digital Catapult


Romily Broad – Node


Just over ten years since its founding, the UK’s ⁠Digital Catapult⁠ has established offices and testbeds across the country. Aiming to bridge the gap between research and industry, the partially government-funded non-profit has looked at AI and quantum computing, supply-chain management, 5G and IoT, immersive technologies, and more.

NODE joins outgoing CEO Jeremy Silver at one of the facilities it helped create, the ⁠Target3D-operated Advanced Media Production⁠ studio in London.

Replete with the kinds of cutting-edge, 5G-networked technologies that enable real-time collaboration between distributed production teams in enterprise, film, gaming and more, it’s a perfect venue to hear Jeremy’s reflections on a decade of effort, and to look ahead at what’s to come in the next ten years.


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