10 years of Digital Catapult

UK’s Digital Catapult bridges research to industry with AI, quantum computing, 5G, IoT, and more. Outgoing CEO Jeremy Silver reflects on past and future trends.


NODE Podcast: Episode 20

This month, Ben, Rom and Daniel discuss the rise of Workplace from Facebook and consider how collaboration tools might develop in the future. The panel also reviews our ALE case study, and Ben chats digital optimisation with Amplitude’s Daniel Bailey.

Following ALE’s lead

ALE transformed itself, and now it is transforming its customers. Jean-Pierre Roullin and Sebastien Juras tell us how the telecommunications solutions giant is using its own experiences to help businesses across the world.

NODE Podcast: Episode 19

This month, Ben, Rom and James analyse why Microsoft made its second-biggest ever acquisition with the $19.7bn deal to buy Nuance Communications. The panel also discusses our GHD Digital case study, while Ben interviews Enterprise Bot co-founder Ravina Mutha.

Making transformation real

GHD has a long history of excellence in the professional services arena, serving multiple infrastructure markets with its engineering expertise. Now the company is doubling down on advanced technology, as Steven Karan and Bob Armacost explain.

NODE Podcast: Episode 18

This month, Ben and Rom are joined by Daniel Brigham to reflect on the Microsoft Exchange hack, and to ask whether anything can be done to prevent similar cyber breaches. The panel also discusses our Bain & Company case study, while Ben interviews FacilityLive CEO Gianpiero Lotito.

Automating the future of business

Bain & Company is helping organisations plan for 2030. Ted Shelton, Expert Partner, Automation and Digital Innovation, talks us through why executives need to embrace automation or risk their business getting left behind.

NODE Podcast: Episode 17

This month, Ben and Rom are joined by Beatriz Valero to discuss Bitcoin’s recent surge in value and what it might mean for the financial services sector. The panel also looks back on our Schneider Electric case study, while Ben interviews Avanade’s Richard Gregory on the rise of the digital workplace.

IKEA’s DesignOps revolution

IKEA Retail’s (Ingka Group) Karolina Boremalm and her digital experience design team have introduced an all-encompassing DesignOps strategy to the company, with a design system at its centre. Here, Digital Bulletin speaks to a number of key stakeholders.

NODE Podcast: Episode 16

This month, Ben, Rom and James give their thoughts on some of the tech and gadgets announced at CES 2021. They also look back on our Green Flag case study, while Ben interviews Eggplant CEO John Bates on the future of intelligent software testing.

Tech to the rescue

Green Flag’s Managing Director Dean Keeling, along with Chief Technology Officer Shakeel Butt and Chief Product Manager Jeremy Bristow, tell us how the roadside recovery provider is transforming into an “agile fintech” and why it is laser-focused on data and talent

NODE Podcast: Episode 15

This month, Ben, Rom and James look ahead to 2021, and discuss what might become the new normal for businesses and the tech industry. They also review our IKEA case study, while Ben interviews Beatriz Sanz Saiz, Global Consulting Data & Analytics Leader for EY.

Meeting automation demands

Martin Tomczak and Akshay Nigam tell us how a fresh approach to automation is driving efficiencies and excellence in ABB’s Procurement & Logistics (Global Business Services) organisation

NODE Podcast: Episode 14

This month, Ben, Rom and James discuss Sundar Pichai’s red-faced moment while on a call with Thierry Breton, along with the main themes of Europe v Big Tech. The trio also review our Lebara case study, while Ben interviews Anna Chung, a cyber threat research analyst.

NODE Podcast: Episode 13

This month, Ben and Rom are joined by Blue Prism’s Martin Stevenson to discuss our case study on Telefónica Spain and its far-reaching automation programme. Ben also speaks with Glasswall’s Luke Robbertse about the rise of Content Disarm & Reconstruction technology in the cybersecurity space.

Scaling new heights

Telefónica Spain’s Javier Magdalena Pinilla talks us through the company’s bold programme of automation

NODE Podcast: Episode 12

This month Ben, Rom and James debate NVIDIA’s proposed $40 billion acquisition of Arm and discuss our case study with Deutsche Telekom. Ben also speaks with Ainsley Braun, director for Synopsys and member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

Transformation in motion at Deutsche Telekom

Four senior leaders of Deutsche Telekom’s world-class IT organisation reveal the three-year digital transformation journey that’s delivered a new era of technical and cultural agility to Europe’s largest telecoms company.

NODE Podcast: Episode 11

This month Ben, Rom and James take an in-depth look at the antitrust inquiry into Big Tech, and exchange views on whether Silicon Valley will actually change for the better. Ben also catches up with Finastra’s Chief Innovation Officer, Shuki Licht.

NODE Podcast: Episode 10

This month Ben, Rom and James look at the extraordinary investments made into Reliance Jio Platforms over recent months and discuss the wider technology landscape in India. They also chat about our case study with UK telco KCOM, while Ben speaks to AppDynamics regional CTO Gregg Ostrowski about the mounting pressure on IT teams.

Setting the path

The route to digital transformation can be treacherous. Mindtree is helping enterprise find its way

Avanade is regarded amongst the top three ‘most loved workplaces’ by Newsweek. Pam Maynard took the helm of the tech giant in late 2019 and within weeks was tasked with navigating the company’s 60,000-strong workforce through the COVID-19 crisis and the upheaval following the death of George Floyd.

A daughter of Windrush and the “only black girl in the village”, Pam’s journey from London bedsit to award-winning technology leader is an inspiration to the industry’s next generation.


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