10 years of Digital Catapult

UK’s Digital Catapult bridges research to industry with AI, quantum computing, 5G, IoT, and more. Outgoing CEO Jeremy Silver reflects on past and future trends.


NODE Podcast: Episode 9

This month Ben, Rom and James introduce Digital Bulletin’s new sister platform Tech For Good and debate whether the industry’s most influential players are doing enough in an era of great environmental and societal flux. They also revisit our Norfolk County Council case study, while Ben catches up with Sweden’s Most Innovative Leader from 2019, Jessica Nordlander.

Fragmented Reality: Mike Hinton

In this episode, Innovation Group’s CTO Mike Hinton explores the topics of “digital transformation”, “DevOps”, “blockchain” and more.

NODE Podcast: Episode 8

The Digital Bulletin Podcast presents debate, discussion and interviews on business technology’s biggest stories. Host Ben Mouncer steers the ship with a panel of guests as they tackle themes around AI, data, blockchain and more.

Fragmented Reality: Kurt Frary

In this episode, Norfolk County Council’s Chief Technical Officer Kurt Frary digs in on ‘digital disruption’, ‘DevOps’, ‘augmented reality’ and more.

NODE Podcast: Episode 7

In a healthtech special, Ben and Rom are joined by Roeland Pater, founder of Nori Health. They discuss Roeland’s mission to support sufferers of Crohn’s disease and colitis through technology, and analyse how healthtech is standing up to the coronavirus. Furthermore, the panel revisit our Hartmann Group case study and report back from an AI hackathon.

NODE Podcast: Episode 6

This month Ben, Rom and James talk coronavirus and how it’s changing the way we work, how the outbreak is testing healthcare infrastructures and why it’s putting new demands on Silicon Valley. The trio also discuss our Thames Water case study and hear from Richard Brown, CTO of enterprise blockchain firm R3.

Thames Water: Tapping technology’s potential

Thames Water is achieving digital excellence in the relentlessly challenging utilities industry. CIO Tony McCandless takes Digital Bulletin through the transformation process and tells us why a robust technology layer will allow the UK’s biggest water company to deliver a service revolution for its customers

Hartmann Group: Saving lives with technology innovation

HARTMANN GROUP has been at the forefront of healthcare innovation for nearly 200 years. Today, technology transformation and new digital business models are enabling it to “go further for health”. Digital Bulletin met with CIO Sinanudin Omerhodzic and his team to find out more

NODE Podcast: Episode 5

This month Ben, Rom and James discuss the coronavirus’ impact on Mobile World Congress and the technology industry as a whole. The panel also revisit our Lenovo case study and hear from Aptum Technologies CEO Susan Bowen about her experience of being elected to the Forbes Technology Council.

NODE Podcast: Episode 4

This month Ben, Rom and James discuss Qualcomm’s entry into the autonomous vehicles space before looking back on our Spark44 case study. The panel also hears from Tableau’s Andy Cotgreave, who offers his insights into building a more data-literate workforce.

Fragmented Reality: Ahmed Hasan

In this episode, Spark44’s Global Head of Experience Ahmed Hasan discusses ‘big data’, ‘chatbot’, ‘digital evangelist’ and more.

NODE Podcast: Episode 3

This month Ben, Rom and James reflect on Sergey Brin and Larry Page taking a backseat at Alphabet. The panel also revisit our Henkel case study and hear from Dynatrace’s Andi Grabner, who explains why a holistic approach to AIOps deployment is essential.

Fragmented Reality: Lee James

In this episode, Rackspace’s EMEA CTO Lee James discusses ‘future of work’, ‘augmented reality’, ‘agile’ and more.

NODE Podcast: Episode 2

This month Ben, Rom and James chew over Project JEDI’s conclusion, everything 5G in 2019 and our BT case study on intelligent automation. The team also report back from VMworld Europe, where they learned about a peculiar piece of dental technology…

Avanade is regarded amongst the top three ‘most loved workplaces’ by Newsweek. Pam Maynard took the helm of the tech giant in late 2019 and within weeks was tasked with navigating the company’s 60,000-strong workforce through the COVID-19 crisis and the upheaval following the death of George Floyd.

A daughter of Windrush and the “only black girl in the village”, Pam’s journey from London bedsit to award-winning technology leader is an inspiration to the industry’s next generation.


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