Figma Dev Mode: The inside story


Romily Broad – NODE


Oscar Nilsson – Staff Product Designer, Figma

Tom Duncalf – Software Engineer, Figma

Figma has become the darling of designers everywhere since it’s launch little more than 10 years ago. Browser (and app) based, it has proved a hugely popular tool for anyone carrying out any kind of design – from simple marketing decks to fully-fleshed websites and digital products. It benefits from a marketplace of plugins to tailor its power to a wide array of use cases, and boasts game-changing ‘multiplayer’ functionality, meaning whole design teams can work seamlessly together in real time.

But after realising that more than a third of its users at any one time were developers, rather than designers, Figma seized an opportunity to redefine the relationship between the people who conceive of digital products and those who make them.

The company unveiled its new Dev Mode feature in beta last year, and has just released it in full. Could Dev Mode finally halt the frustration of the endless hand-offs and iteration involved in developing digital products? To find out, NODE speaks to Figma’s Oscar Nilsson (a designer) and Tom Duncalf (a developer), to get the inside track.

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