Transforming Media


Romily Broad – Digital Bulletin


Frank PalermoIndustry Business Head – Media, Virtusa

Surajit BhattacharjeeTechnology Evangelist, Virtusa

Ian McPherson – Global Strategy Leader – Media & Entertainment, AWS

The media industry has altered dramatically, and fast. In a fully converged world populated by connected media devices limited in number only by individuals’ capacity to own them, the opportunity – and the threat – is enormous for media companies throughout the supply chain.

Huge effeciencies can be found throughout the media production process by moving to the cloud, enabling content creation, storage, and dsitribution to scale at pace. Many reasons media houses may cite to resist the change may now be obsolete, but optimisation and cost control are critical to make sure transformation is a boon and not a burden.

Digital Bulletin sits down with leaders from AWS and tech-transformation multinational Virtusa to chart the change in the industry and ask what the future holds.

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