RingCentral: Now is the time for AI

As the world increasingly embraces digital transformation, the perception of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace is shifting. RingCentral, a leading provider of AI-powered, cloud-based communication and collaboration products has revealed research data outlining UK workers’ views on AI. The figures emerge just as CFOs anticipate a significant increase in AI spending, according to Deloitte.

Worker optimism for AI on the rise

The research, conducted by Ipsos which surveyed 1,000 U.K. residents aged 21-65, shines a light on the optimism surrounding AI in the UK workforce. Over a quarter (26%) of workers believe that AI will simplify and enrich their job. Only 15% are concerned about AI’s potential in replacing their roles. Furthermore, over a third (35%) foresee AI and technological developments having a positive effect on the workforce, a sentiment echoed by almost half (49%) of those aged 21-34.

AI is not only seen as an enabler for easier work but also as a springboard for innovation and creativity. Over a fifth (22%) of workers are enthusiastic about utilising AI at work, and 28% are optimistic that it will afford them additional time. The most valuable capabilities of AI, as cited by workers today, are virtual assistance (28%), note-taking and transcription (22%), and knowledge management (21%).

Significant optimism towards AI is discernible among business decision-makers. A quarter (24%) of them acknowledge that AI is already deployed in their industry. One in three (33%) predicts that AI will gain even more prominence in 2023. Echoing this sentiment, RingCentral’s data indicates a significant number of British workers can envision how AI could assist them in their roles.

Looking ahead, 36% of workers believe that within the next two decades, employees will collaborate in virtual workplaces. These potential scenarios could include virtual reality or metaverse-style environments. As attitudes towards AI evolve, RingCentral encourages business leaders to harness this positive outlook and consider how implementing this technology could yield benefits, efficiencies, and improved productivity.

Young workers are ready for AI

The younger generation of workers, familiar with and dependent on technology from an early age, are leading the charge towards embracing AI. As these individuals ascend to more senior roles and influence the technological landscape of their workplaces, RingCentral anticipates an enormous opportunity for businesses to integrate AI technologies that Gen Z and Millennials will expect as standard.

AI boosting creativity and giving back time

AI is also believed to enhance work quality and creativity. Over a third (36%) of workers are satisfied with the work quality produced by AI and are most excited about the prospect of AI freeing up their time (28%). Additionally, around a quarter (23%) anticipate learning new skills through AI at work, and 18% believe AI will nurture their creativity.

Steve Rafferty, VP InTERNATIONAL, RingCentral

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer that has the potential to fundamentally transform the workplace. With over a third of workers believing AI and technological advances will have a positive impact on the workforce, business leaders should seize the opportunity to invest in cutting-edge technology that will not only help workers but also unlock even greater value from the workforce. There is so much that AI can support when it comes to productivity, and business leaders are being given the green light from employees to implement the technology and tools that will maximise output and retain a competitive advantage against a gloomy economic forecast.”


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