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Aptum Technologies’ Alberto Da Anunciacao gives us a view on how IT infrastructures will evolve as transformation demand skyrockets

A life in data

Anthony Scriffignano, one of the world’s leading data scientists, talks AI, Big Data and Alice in Wonderland

Eradicating ageism in tech

Patricia Hume, CEO, Canvas GFX, argues passionately that technology is neglecting some of its most capable talent because of ageism

NODE Podcast: Episode 14

This month, Ben, Rom and James discuss Sundar Pichai’s red-faced moment while on a call with Thierry Breton, along with the main themes of Europe v Big Tech. The trio also review our Lebara case study, while Ben interviews Anna Chung, a cyber threat research analyst.

NODE Podcast: Episode 4

This month Ben, Rom and James discuss Qualcomm’s entry into the autonomous vehicles space before looking back on our Spark44 case study. The panel also hears from Tableau’s Andy Cotgreave, who offers his insights into building a more data-literate workforce.

Public Sector

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