UK tech leaders reject vendors with poor security

A recent study by Exclaimer, a leading name in email signature management solutions, shines a light on the weight security credentials carry in UK IT leaders’ decision-making. The research provides insights into what these experts prioritise when selecting SaaS providers.

Key Takeaways:

Email Security is Paramount: A staggering 92% of IT decision-makers identify email security as a crucial concern. Phishing attacks lead the threat list, underlining the urgency of robust security measures.

The Brand-Trust Equation: Notably, 76% of IT chiefs believe that any breach of customer data would drastically affect their enterprise. Interestingly, 44% feel customers might point fingers at their brand following a phishing incident.

The Role of Security Credentials: With 88% more inclined towards software providers showcasing clear security credentials, it’s evident that these aren’t mere formalities. They play a pivotal role in establishing brand identity and trust.

At the core of their concerns, a whopping 92% of IT decision-makers underscored the importance of email security. The prominence of phishing attacks in their list of threats reinforces the need for stringent security practices. Notably, the study revealed that 76% of these leaders believe that a customer data breach would profoundly impact their businesses. And it’s not just about the internal effects; 44% felt that following such an incident, their customers might blame their brand.

The value of security credentials in this discussion cannot be overlooked. 88% of respondents are more likely to opt for software providers that clearly display their security credentials, highlighting that these are far from mere tokens. They’re instrumental in forming the bedrock of brand identity and trust.

The research, a collaboration with Censuswide, took into account the perspectives of 250 IT and cybersecurity professionals in the UK. Of them, 86% stated that impeccable security is a determinant when evaluating SaaS products. However, a surprising 41% admitted to having previously partnered with vendors despite their lacking security track record. When it comes to email security threats, phishing emerged as the top concern at 51%, followed by malware distribution (49%) and ransomware attacks (40%). In light of these risks, 29% see the primary benefit of an email signature management solution as its security.

Vicky Wills, the CTO at Exclaimer, weighed in on these findings, stating, “Cybersecurity continues to be the top priority for all IT leaders and it’s important to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the highest security standards by attaining and maintaining industry-recognized security credentials. Not only does this ensure that you are operating in line with the latest information and best practice guidance, but as our research reveals, there is a key connection between security and customer trust. These findings emphasise that security credentials are not mere checkboxes but the very foundation upon which a business’ brand identity and trustworthiness is constructed..”

Vicky Wills, CTO at Exclaimer

With cybersecurity at the forefront, 48% of IT leaders identified it as one of the main criteria driving their choice of vendor, with IT support coming in a close second at 50%. Interestingly, the research also noted the expeditious nature of decision-making among IT professionals. A majority, 80% to be precise, take less than two months to decide on a SaaS product purchase.

Elaborating on the nexus between security and trust, Wills added, “The link between security and trust is undeniable – this is why we work diligently to maintain the highest compliance standards in the industry so that our customers can be confident knowing they are getting the most secure email signature management solution available. Organisations must prioritise security to maintain trust and thrive and we encourage anyone looking for their next technology solution to seek out accredited vendors to safeguard their business”

In today’s digital epoch, the essence of cybersecurity transcends mere data protection. It’s woven into the fabric of a brand’s identity and its credibility. As IT leaders steer through these challenges, the accent on security credentials becomes increasingly pivotal, moulding decisions and sculpting the trajectory of the industry.


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